How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster:
The Essential Emergency Preparedness Guide for Feathered Friends and Fur Babies
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When 2 X NY Times Best Selling Author (of 2 Chicken Soup For The Soul Books… and 140 more books!) Raymond Aaron heard of our new book being written and after he saw the manuscript, he insisted that he write our Foreword for us!! He was so excited for quality content and usefulness of the book that he recommended us for this award and, voila’, we received this prestigious international book award from Toronto, Canada from the publishing industry… before we even had the published book in hand (but its up on Amazon ready for orders). The award is given for “Best Guide Book for Protecting & Saving Loved HousePets and Treasured Collectibles.” Here is the award, done remotely because of Covid 19 in 2020… you remember that ,don’t you?

Beside the discount price on Amazon, the book purchase includes a continuing education of preservation tips and reminders of things to do and to remind you of why you thought the book was a good idea (so you don’t leave the book forgotten on your shelf…)

Some years ago after a major earthquake in the Los Angeles area, as a result of my reputation for decades of excellence in the field of professional art conservation, I was asked to provide practical instructions for collection care of art, antiques and collectibles  by the marketing genius Dorothy Adams. When the Bank of America Corporation distributed over 1/2 million copies of that publication, I became an author and the the Save Your Stuff series was born.

The Marina District in San Francisco damaged by a very memorable earthquake. This house was unloveable after. How would your pet react? What would have happened to your collectibles?

I am honored to author this 4th edition in the series with my co-author, associate and friend, Diane Stevenett. And we are thrilled that How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster has received this highly deserved recognition by the publishing industry for its value in the how-to fields of pet care, emergency preparedness and collection care at home.

We thank 10-10-10 Publishing in Toronto Canada for this honor and for the support of mega-celebrity-author and 2 X NY Times Best Selling Author Raymond Aaron’s inspirational foreword to the book and his organization’s support.

While at a glance, it looks like a pet care book, actually, If your house was on fire and you had to grab and go, would you grab your house pet or your family heirloom? Both are heartfelt treasures that you would regret losing… for years. But heirlooms and house pets don’t mix!!!  At any given time we can have items in the lab damaged by pets… its quite common. This book is full of tips for protecting your pet and care and maintenance of your collectibles and heirlooms.

Cat claws and delicate items are not compatible. Be sure to protect your pets – and your valuable family items from inadvertent disaster

2 X Chicken Soup For The Soul Best Selling NY Times Author Raymond Aaron says, literally, “ If you are a pet owner, this book is a “Must Read” because you know how the care of pets pulls so forcefully on your heartstring. There is no other book, as complete and authoritative, on the essential subject in the pet industry. I highly recommend it! Gift one today!”

If you would like a author signed to you personally, give a call and order directly from our office. The $30.00 price includes handling and shipping, sales tax and the continuing education we will send you via email! Call us at 805 564 3438,