How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster:
The Essential Emergency Preparedness Guide for Feathered Friends and Fur Babies
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Radio Host Elizabeth Stewart Interview with Author Scott M. Haskins About ‘Must Read” Guidebook

Radio Host Elizabeth Stewart was very tuned into the need and help this book can offer and jumped at the chance to interview the author

Preparing to keep our families safe like extra insurance, seat belts and buy a safer car seems to come natural… but, have you thought about emergency preparedness for your furry children? BTW, hustling the kids, cats, dogs and family heirlooms all into the same car at the last second will be a disaster.

 If your house was on fire and you had to grab and go,

would you grab your house pet or your family heirloom?

Something you haven’t thought about is that in the stress and, perhaps chaos, of an emergency, your pets could be injured by other things that you are trying to save! Things that are treasured by you and your family… your house pets don’t mix well in close proximity with art, antiques and collectibles… we’ll talk about all these things that may not be covered by insurance.

Here is the evolution of the book cover which has been kind of humorous: The first graphic with the poodle is cute but it was too brown and while endearing, the age of the girl isn’t my demographic. Maybe you know that we posted the cover over 3 different social media sites and the winning opinion/vote was much more in favor of the cover with the lady (my wife Diana) with the 3 yorkies. She is more in line with the book’s targeted demographic. But the second graphic has a blue sign and a garden hose coming out of her head so we got those edited out in the 3rd graphic and changed the color of the book from brown to purple. Then my humerous-media-savy friend Ann Shaftel​ suggested, tongue in cheek, that since the title says its about saving pets from a disaster, I should have the apocalyptic-zombie-end-of-the-world scenario taking place behind in the background! So, I mocked it up but… I don’t think so! So, with a few low key tweaks, our book cover will look mostly like the 3rd with the purple color. Thanks everyone for voting and commenting. There were lots and lots of people who took notice and helped in the decision.

You love your pets!! They are part of your family, mostly helpless, so this Protect Your Pet Guide Book gives you ideas to help you plan ahead. REMEMBER your fur babies and feathered friends (pets) need your help in an emergency situation!

Feel better NOW when you discover things you can do easily and have peace of mind knowing your treasured pet is more ready for a major storm or unexpected emergency. Be “pet prepared”. Remember, your pet may turn into your “therapy animal” in a disaster! 

And, also, be aware that pets and collectibles don’t mix!!  Wow… that comment seems random? But do you want your dog’s paw to go through the family portrait or the cat to pee on the ancestor’s photos?!?! Ok, then, that’s the rub of the video and the book.… they can’t take care of themselves and they depend on you. Besides, in a stressful situation, what will your pet give back to you in exchange for your care and protection? Think of the comfort, love and companionship! In an emergency situation a loved pet turns into your personal therapy animal! Feathered friends and fur babies guidebook for essential emergency preparedness tips is definitely a ‘must read.’. House pets are treasured members of our families and if you take care of them, they may become your therapy pet in time of need. They deserve to be protected against distressing emergencies, so be a good parent and be prepared for them too. It’s easy if you do it little at a time. You already have some of the stuff you need.

The publishing of our book, How To Save Your Pet From A Disaster is recommended by a NY Times Top 10 Selling Author Raymond Aaron (Who has written 2 Chicken Soup for the Soul books) who submitted our manuscript for recognition and we received an international book-award in Toronto Canada this September 2020! From this website it can be ordered on Amazon. But if you would like a copy signed by the author, Scott M. Haskins, then order directly by calling us at 805 564 3438 and your $30.00 price will include handling and shipping, CA sales tax and the authoritative continuing education collection and pet care tips program and other “on-topic” interesting new via email.

Can we use this book to help you fundraise? Reach out to your membership? Ask Scott to speak. 805 564 3438

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